Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Barbara the Giving Tree

Karen Stepherson

She stands tall
like the Sequoias of Yosemite.
Life’s fury has at times
left her bent like the Willow,
but never broken.
Her feet are planted firmly
like that of a Maple.
Roots ineptly engraved
in nourishing soil.
As her soul is anchored
in the One that provides
her quiet strength.
Her arms stretch wide
like the Oak.
Engulfing all within her reach
camouflaging them from that which
seeks to devour.
Her mouth speaks timeless advice
like the sweet fragrance of a Magnolia. Capturing your senses leaving you
enthralled, solidified by its
majestic flowering leaves.
Her heart flows freely
like that of the Pecan.
As she gives generously to those
who surround her bearing fruit
that feeds the mind.
She gives compassionately to others
like the Tree of Life.
Beckoning them to be their best selves,
while her watchful eye guides their paths.
She loves.
She nurtures.
She cares.
She gives.
Barbara, the giving tree. 

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