Sunset Sue

Jason McAnuff
<em> The author describes this poem as a dialogue between two opposing life directions. To believe the world is inside you and dedicate yourself to the development of the self as the Gita teaches. Or to follow the uncertain dream of a humanity united and push for togetherness.</em>


The world I know, is not the world I know
Nocturnal lucidness betrays a sleepwalking mind
The dream that was, still is, in foreverness
What the ego seeks, stays tangled in realms of normalness
Sleep deprivation only further confuses things

What will become of a man who flies solo?
I heard something of a super soul
But what will become of the people I love, but know not that I exist?
Maybe not so super after all

If man takes his law from earth
Then why does this earth have me shackled?
Or am I simply bound by my own weakness, a broken man

A little bird told me
That you cant run away from love
And that love is to be shared

And so, an interconnected cobweb of energy
Powerful enough to trampoline those who dare
Up to the sky, sun, clouds
And for those that don't make it all the way up
Let the flexible web of life, cushion the fall
But as with the little bird
Let us aim for the sky


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