The Enigma of Faith

Prashant Bajpai
On walks the wary gypsy through the mists of the early east,
Never hesitates to search wastelands for an unwealthy feast.
Squinting into the crimson dawn of his uncertain future,
Sports an indifferent smirk for a forsaken present he must endure.

Spirits, salmon, spaghetti cans may be the by-products of our convenient indulgence,
Here preys a pitiable man looking upon them as his holy trinity of dependence.
Standing at the foot of Lady Liberty with a heart of reverence,
Holding on hope for the better part of his day, praying for deliverance.

On walks the soldier of misfortune enveloped in blood & grime,
Blood of an unknown foe, and grime clouding repentance of a supposed small crime.
In this ever-long battle for existence, he wouldn't settle for second best,
Marches into forlorn lands with a will conjured at the bureaucrat’s behest.

Though his acts of despicability concur with the commander’s violence fetish,
He walks through bullets and haze,
Crawls through fire and brimstone,
As poised pride for country drives his will to the makeshift Heaven he will atone.

Seas of hypocrisy may consume our frail minds,
Yet the rays of faith hold us to the surface of this reality-driven virtuality.
Whether it may be our fallacy or our salvation,
Individual liberation or a perverse societal invasion,
Existence sans faith seems unfathomable,
Perhaps it illuminates emotions enough to make life a fancy fable.

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<td>A perpetual dreamer and part-time writer with words of unconfirmed wisdom, songs of assumed melody and poems of supposed beauty; but aspiring to be an intrepid traveler nonetheless.  I'm an engineer by profession based in Mumbai, India who finally started chasing his love for writing, poetry, and music, in order to dodge any potential mid-life career crisis in the future.</a>.</td>


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